Stuck Under My House - Glitch Screenshot (Alpha Testing New Game)

I took this when I got stuck under my house in Glitch. The game is still in alpha so it's expected that things would go wrong every now and then.

Other than lag and lag disconnects, this is the only bug I've encountered multiple times. Usually I can just jump on to land at a lower point but this one had no access point. I had to teleport out, something a newbie couldn't do. If I didn't have the teleport ability I would have been stuck until a developer got me out!

Glitch Screenshot - Stuck Under My House


  1. We've lost many a wicked witch to the same fate....

  2. I'd like to be involved in that Alpha, the graphics seem very clean, much like your blog.

  3. That must really suck. This whole nice house and no way to enjoy it.

  4. Sign up at the Glitch website and you'll get an invite to the alpha or beta when they open it up again.